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Classes Offered

Classes are led by experienced and qualified instructors and offer a fun, exciting and educational alternative for young minds. Small class sizes ensure quality and one-on-one instruction.

Learn the basics of hand building by creating projects and stretching the imagination. Students will learn how to make sculptures and pots. They will also learn how to make slabs, roll coils and pinch pots, while learning basic glazing techniques.
    Basic Drawing
This class is designed to introduce different drawing techniques. Experience fun ways to focus on line, value, texture and shape. New assignments will be presented each week. Projects include still life, the figure and landscape. Students will learn how to “see” in a new way with a basic understanding of drawing. 


  Music 101
Students will learn the basics of the music business in this very popular class. The class features the basics of recording and music studio operations. Students will create a beat and add their lyrics. Each participant will produce his or her own CD. This exciting course is educational and encourages students to continue learning the various aspects of the music industry. 

    Arts and Crafts
Students will create paintings, collages, and sculptures from paper, found objects, and various materials in this highly creative class. Focus on combining different materials and assembling artwork inspired by books and stories. 
  Basic Song
In this class students will be introduced to healthy vocal production, breathing techniques and basic music theory. Students will learn to sing with others their age and receive individual attention as well.

    Beginning Drumming
In this class students will learn to read music, play by ear, and create beats. This enjoyable beginner drum class teaches students to begin playing beats and fills. Students will learn about different drum set makes and models, drum care, maintenance and beginner tips. 

Yoga   Green Thumb Gardening
Our young gardeners will learn how to grow food from planting seeds to harvesting produce. These lifelong skills are something everyone should know.
  Yoga   Yoga
In this class students will learn basic yoga poses. Research shows that yoga helps manage anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, blood pressure, stress and multiple of other conditions.

  Tutoring Support
Students in this program will receive tutoring assistance in a variety of academic subjects. Our licensed teachers work with kids to help them reach their academic goals.

  Yoga   Introductory Karate
This Kings Karate class focuses on physical exercise and mindfulness through martial arts and teaches students how to protect themselves.
This STEM program promotes learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


All classes include behavior and social-emotional supports provided by a licensed social worker.


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