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"I took the Rap-N-Present and Studio 101 classes. I like to sing lovely songs to the class to tell them about what they should believe in."

– Shatari


"The class I took was Basic Drawing. It was a lot of fun. I learned how to draw. It was very educational."

– Shariay


"I learned how to rap and write. I would also like to take pottery."

– Rashamere


"I learned how to dance. I have also taken Pottery and Basic Drawing."

– Nikeed

"I participated in the pottery for the year of 2020-2021. The pottery class is a great experience for all ages. It is an alternative for relaxation and many other things. I enjoyed the pottery class and hope to take it again next year."

– Keara


Working in our community.  Inspiring others to dream and accomplish their goals.

The Chosen Few Arts Council will be an artistic conduit for the enrichment and development of our community.